2013 BCCTC Club Championships Results

The 2013 BCCTC Club Championships were held last year on the 13th, 14th and 15th December and what a great weekend of tennis it was. Congratulations go out to all the winners and a great effort put in by all. We look forward to an even bigger turnout next year. Below are the results for 2013:


Under 10 Champion – Boys

Winner: Josh Fairhurst
Runner Up: Declan Fogarty

Under 10 Champion – Girls

Winner: Jenna Deady
Runner Up: Ella Hamstead

Under 18 Champion – Boys

Winner: Andrew Todd
Runner Up: Mitchell Daniels

Under 18 Champion – Girls

Winner: Holly Schlatter
Runner Up: Breanna Taylor

Under 18 Champion – Mixed Pairs

Winner: Mitchell Daniels and Anabella Mewett
Runner Up: Jamie Hunter and Breanna Taylor


Gentlemens Champion – Singles

Winner: Andre Mewett
Runner Up: David Collinson

Ladies Champion – Singles

Winner: Angela Hawkins
Runner Up: Di Meek

Gentlemens Champion – Doubles

Winner: Andre Mewett and Mitchell Daniels
Runner Up: Spiro Papalas and Trevor Allwright

Ladies Champion – Doubles

Winner: Kellie Baker and Di Meek
Runner Up: Angela Hawkins and Susete Gaspar

Champion – Mixed Doubles

Winner: Angela Hawkins and Trevor Allwright
Runner Up: Colin Hunter and Jamie Hunter

Kind regards,
Andre Mewett
BCCTC Director of Coaching