Beaumaris Community Centre Tennis Club is affiliated with Tennis Victoria, Bayside Tennis Association and the Moorabbin Districts Junior Tennis Association (MDJTA).  All three Associations offer interclub competitions for junior  players. The BCCTC Club Coaches will consult with players and parents to find the most appropriate competition for the player.

To play junior competition, all players must either be a junior member of the club or be part of a family membership. Correct tennis attire must worn (in particular shoes). For home games, players provide morning tea for visiting players.

Below gives you an idea of the competitions offered within these associations.


Bayside Regional Tennis Association

JUNIORS: Offers competitions all year with 2 seasons from January – June and June – December. The juniors play either Saturday or Sunday mornings starting at 9am till about 11am. It is a Bayside area competition and can be a mixed team or single sex team. The age limit is 17 years.


Moorabbin District Junior Tennis Association

MDJTA: Offers junior competition only on a Saturday morning from 8.30am till 11am. The competition runs all year round with 2 seasons, January – June and July – December. There are boys and girls competition with the age limit being 17 years. It is a competition around the local area and both singles and doubles are played on the same day.


Tennis Victoria

Offers pennant competition  during the winter season April-August for all ages. The competition is based on ability and offers a singles/doubles or a doubles competition. It has sections ranging from state grade-grade 14. As it’s a Melbourne Metropolitan Competition the travel can be all over Melbourne rather than a local competition.

For more information on how to become involved in competition tennis, please contact our Club Coaches, Tom Paino or Andrew Frankeni.