Life Membership is an honour bestowed on individual club members whose exceptional and outstanding service and contribution has provided a measurable benefit to the club over an extended period of time.

To become a honorary life member at the Beaumaris Community Centre Tennis Club, the individual club member must be nominated and meet a series of criteria and assessments (see link below)

Beaumaris Community Centre Tennis Club Honorary Life Members (as of 01/01/2011)

R. Bell 1967
A. C. Williamson 1972
L. Bainbridge (Mrs) 1975
R. K. Lewis 1978
C. Holt 1986
G. Gilmour 1996
R. Thomas 1996
P. Moller (Mrs) 2007
I. Urquhart 2007
R. Brice 2007


To see who is eligible to nominate a BCCTC Life Member and view the BCCTC Life Membership Guidelines, please click here.